About InsurePay™

InsurePay is the leading provider of Pay-As-You-Go (“PayGo”) billing for the workers’ compensation industry. InsurePay is a cloud-based SaaS platform which calculates, collects and remits insurance premiums each pay cycle using for real-time payroll data. InsurePay brings together technology, efficient processes, best practices and a broad network of payroll partners to enhance a policyholder’s experience.

With InsurePay, insurance providers can monitor each of their policyholder’s exact premiums each pay cycle through our secure custom branded portal with direct data connections to leading payroll companies.

InsurePay provides a simple, accurate, and flexible product that delivers cost benefits to carriers, agents and policyholders.

Key Features of our PayGo Solution

Provides real-time access to payroll data and premium adjustments.

Rapid integration with minimal IT resources.

Easy customization capabilities.

Quickly generates year-to-date comparisons and trending reports.

Simple verification and tracking of owners, officers, employees classifications, and subcontractors (1099)

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Benefits of InsurePay


Insurance Carrier

Offers a competitive PayGo Solution to your agents and all of your customers.

Increases revenue

Reduces operational costs

Access to real time payroll data

Reduces auditing time

Reduces bad debt


Insurance Agent

Offers a competitive PayGo product to existing and new customers.

Increases sales

Improves retention

Eliminates ``audit anxiety``

Low upfront payment

Reduces bad debt



Improve cash flow by reducing upfront costs and eliminating “audit anxiety”.

Low upfront payment

Automatic payments

Eliminates ``audit anxiety``

Accurate premiums

Plug-n-play interface


Payroll Provider

Simplify processing policies and offer a competitive solution.

Multiple carriers, one process

Simple payroll reporting

Work with any insurance agent

Exposure to new business

Plug-n-play integration


Easy to install live in 30-90 days